Case Study: BRAE Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater runoff from the building rooftop totals approximately 2 million gallons annually. Water collected from just over a quarter of the roof surface combined with high efficiency plumbing fixtures significantly reduce water demands placed on municipal water, sewer and storm water management systems. Rainwater is the preferred water source for process use at Cigas Machine because it is free of dissolved minerals and common additives such as chlorine and fluoride.

With a combined storage capacity of 78,000 gallons, the rainwater system, model B_AG_ID3, includes three CorGal® model 1804 tanks interconnected in series, first flush diverters, calming inlets and Rainset control station integrated with metering, digital level indication with back-up supply automation and remote monitoring capabilities. BRAE worked closely with design engineers to specify and manage implementation of the system onsite. BRAE commissioned at completion.

CorGal® is a registered trademark of Water Storage Tanks, Inc.

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BRAE Water (




Published:January 14, 2014

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